At Tribal Minds, we are unlocking the potential of Native Nevada through asset-based thinking and community-led programs. We are revolutionizing how we understand opportunities and resource management from the bottom up.

Everything is impossible until it's inevitable. For far too long, Native communities have been limited in our collective imaginations for what the world of the next seven generations can look like. But the time for deficit-based thinking is over. Instead of conceiving of the world in terms of our suffering, we can play a direct role in shaping a new reality. We can, together, manifest our visions and the visions of our ancestors for our Nations and for the collective Indian Good.

At Tribal Minds, Inc., we seek to become a nexus of new Indigenous thinking that amplifies and uplifts Indigenous people based on our strengths, not our deficits. We administer programming based on best practices in community development. We co-create Indigenous futures alongside Tribal communities through asset-based thinking, visioning and survey operations, town halls, and outside resources for community development.

These are the Facts

In Nevada, many essential services to Tribes are unfunded, neglected, or inferior compared to many other states. Unfortunately, rural Tribal communities are impacted worst by austerity.

Most Nevada Native communities have not been the beneficiaries of genuine efforts since the land and resources were stolen from the People.

The power for Indigenous communities to raise our quality of life and improve wellbeing is in our hands. The bottom line is that we can always use help.

Community development that is participatory and Indigenous-led is how we improve our way of life for the next seven generations.

Tribal Impact Rez Tour

National Day of Racial Healing

During our biannual rez tours, we cross Nevada to raise awareness on how Tribal Impact bills passed in the Nevada Legislature impact our community development. We go from urban communities to the most rural and remote Tribes over the course of two weeks, discussing with Tribal people everywhere the futures of our communities and the next seven generations.

Every January, we work with community partners to create a dialogue space to cultivate greater racial understanding across racial difference. We brainstorm ways to build racial healing in our own community, laying the groundwork for effective relationships to sustain solidarity in the long run.

Tribal Governance Trainings

Support Good Governance.

Support Our Communities.

Support Sovereignty.

With the generous support of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Tribal Minds, Inc. launched the 2023 Native Nevada Governance Project to provide free workshops on Tribal governance. Good governance empowers leaders of our sovereign Nations with knowledge to develop more effective and efficient programs to support our communities working together across Tribal borders to forge new Indigenous solutions for Indigenous problems that will uplift Native people throughout the state: urban, rural and remote. Together, we can work together to improve good governance and strive to learn new tools to improve administration.

We divided our program based on the three regions of Native Nevada. Tribal Chairs, Councilmembers, and Administrators were invited to both shape their regional workshop around the needs of their Tribe and to participate in the Workshop.

Northwest Region:

Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe

Lovelock Paiute Tribe

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Reno-Sparks Indian Colony

Summit Lake Paiute Tribe

Yerington Paiute Tribe

Walker River Paiute Tribe

Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California

Winnemucca Indian Colony of Nevada

Southern Region:

Las Vegas Indian Colony

Moapa Band of Paiutes

Duckwater Shoshone Tribe

Yomba Shoshone Tribe

Fort Mojave Tribe

Northeast Region:

Fort McDermitt Paiute & Shoshone Tribe

Ely Shoshone Tribe

Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone

Confederated Tribes of Goshute

Cultural Revitalization

We can't just develop as communities without grappling with settler-colonialism. The loss of our culture was part of the genocide against us as Indigenous people. For Indigenous community development to be successful, we have to also create and recreate ourselves -- our rituals, our cultures, our way of understanding our identities. Cultural revitalization is central to Indigenous community development.

For twenty years, we have been working on cultural revitalization in Northern Nevada: Star Village. Star Village started as a collective of young Indigenous people, facing oppression and the cycles of trauma in which we were embedded. Since we started, more Indigenous people of all ages and backgrounds began joining our cultural revitalization movement. Ceremony and community sustains our own transitions out of the cycles of trauma from which we came from.

Now, our cultural revitalization project has gone global through Tribal Minds, Inc. While continuing to invest in cultural revitalization in Nevada, we advise other Indigenous people on how to center the land, consent, and vision of the Tribal community (re)creating their own rituals to realize their own cultural revitalization on their terms for relatives as far away as the Lenca in Honduras.

Image of man looking in sky, hand in sky, talking to another man on the right, against a green field.

Read more about our work with the Lenca!

Read (even) more about our work with the Lenca!

We are currently working alongside Purépecha community members to build a cultural revitalization project in Michoacán, Mexico.

We love to make new relatives

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tribal Minds, Inc. based?

Where do you operate?

We are a statewide Native-led nonprofit that aims to empower Tribal spaces in rural and urban Nevada. Our focus is on remote Indian reservations that often get overlooked and underfunded. We have strong alliances with most Tribes of Nevada, grassroots organizers, and other in-state leaders that work to bring attention to the Tribal needs of the Great Basin. When we support the strengthening of Tribal sovereignty, we all win. If it's in Nevada, it's our business!

Tribal Minds, Inc. originated on the Hungry Valley Indian Reservation, a Tribal Community of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. Currently, we are based in Reno, Nevada as we serve Tribal communities across the state. We understand Reno to be a center where Tribal people across the Great Basin work, live, find community, and find each other.

What Organizations or Institutions are you willing to work with?

Who do you provide services to?

Tribal Minds is a fiscally-sponsored organization that is excited to work with anyone who wants to see the advancement of the Indigenous People of Nevada. We aim to collaborate with institutions that energetically align with our mission and purpose. We wish to build relationships that are prosperous and healthy and center the People and the Land. So if you have a program or project in mind, let’s make something happen.

At Tribal Minds, no one will be turned away, but we prioritize those in the greatest need first and foremost. The organization aims to ensure our Tribal communities receive opportunities not often afforded to them. As a result, we accrue higher buy-in rates and fulfill a more inclusive vision by diversifying our programming. We place a strong emphasis on uplifting the BIPOC communities of Nevada and all other marginalized individuals. Because we understand that we are all relations: when we help others, we help ourselves!