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Tribal Minds, Inc. is a Native-led nonprofit serving Indigenous communities in Nevada. We work to advance the wellbeing of Indian Country through community development and Indigenous wellness projects.

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Our relatives, Niño Santo, created and produced a music video that represented how we see the world. Every view, share, and comment means something to all of us. Support both Native artists and our programming today.

As social animals, we require communication and community. Today, billions of people struggle alone, without relationships, family, and the foundations to decompress in these strange times. Our virtual and in-person programming is meant to provide healing, to create open and honest dialogue, to present forward-thinking objectives, and to sustain the energy directed to the common good. We believe in Native solutions for Native issues -- for everyone.

Why Indigenous People may be the solution to saving the world.



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Why You should support Tribal Minds?

Out of the 574 federally-recognized Tribes across Turtle Island, Nevada is home to 28 unique Tribes and Colonies. Tribal Minds aims to support the sovereignty and self-determination of Indigenous Nations. As a result, our state grows more robust regarding Indigenous issues and solutions by doing so. In addition, due to the historical impact of assimilation tactics and disenfranchisement, we are bridging sectors of the BIPOC community that have not always organized together.

Organizationally, we are a diverse Goliath of energy with decades of professional and life experience. We aim to bring kindness, approachability, and professional versatility to the table in all of our operations without losing our authenticity, legitimacy, or compromising our core values. Our programming is purposeful in creating spaces led by people of color to provide intentional opportunities for progress in Indian Country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tribal Minds, Inc. based?

Where do you operate?

We are a statewide Native-led nonprofit that aims to empower Tribal spaces in rural and urban Nevada. Our focus is on remote Indian reservations that often get overlooked and underfunded. We have strong alliances with most Tribes of Nevada, grassroots organizers, and other in-state leaders that work to bring attention to the Tribal needs of the Great Basin. When we support the strengthening of Tribal sovereignty, we all win. If it's in Nevada, it's our business!

Tribal Minds, Inc. originated on the Hungry Valley Indian Reservation, a Tribal Community of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. Currently, we are based in Reno, Nevada as we serve Tribal communities across the state. We understand Reno to be a center where Tribal people across the Great Basin work, live, find community, and find each other.

What Organizations or Institutions are you willing to work with?

Who do you provide services to?

Tribal Minds is a fiscally-sponsored organization that is excited to work with anyone who wants to see the advancement of the Indigenous People of Nevada. We aim to collaborate with institutions that energetically align with our mission and purpose. We wish to build relationships that are prosperous and healthy and center the People and the Land. So if you have a program or project in mind, let’s make something happen.

At Tribal Minds, no one will be turned away, but we prioritize those in the greatest need first and foremost. The organization aims to ensure our Tribal communities receive opportunities not often afforded to them. As a result, we accrue higher buy-in rates and fulfill a more inclusive vision by diversifying our programming. We place a strong emphasis on uplifting the BIPOC communities of Nevada and all other marginalized individuals. Because we understand that we are all relations: when we help others, we help ourselves!