Individual Health is Collective Health.

We deeply believe that wellness is collective.

We are all interdependent with each other and with the land with which we live.

Our portfolio of wellness programs include services for mental, spiritual, and public health, We run the Good Relative Network, a support group centered on Indigenous thinking; Vaccinative, a community organizing campaign to collect public health data in remote reservations to assist in developing effective public health policy; and host wellness retreats for Indigenous youth.


In the 2020 Indigenous Futures Survey, the first-of-its-kind comprehensive overview of Indigenous views and opinions ever conducted, mental health was found to be the top priority of Indigenous people in Nevada. That's doubly true for young Natives. As the Center for Native American Youth found, almost 90% of the 18-24-year-old population indicated that mental health was an extremely urgent or urgent priority for Native communities. The pandemic has made this even more accurate. COVID-19 and the physical and spiritual isolation the public health crisis imposed on our communities exacerbated the situation. We are in dire need of robust wellness programming to address the needs of all of our relatives.

Wellness Retreats for Native Youth

We center the next seven generations in our wellness programming.

Each year, we invite young Native women and girls from Nevada Native communities across the state to participate, along with women wellness practitioners to facilitate Native girls' own self-actualization in mind-body-spirit wellness, healing, and self-care.

Land-Centric Healing


Beaded Ropes

Sex and Consent Education

Healthy Relationships

Massage & Reiki

and more

In the future, we will host wellness retreats not only for Indigenous women and girls, but also young men and two-spirit/nonbinary relatives.

The Good Relative Network

Ceremonial Facilitation

Operation New Heights

Pow Wow Dance Classes

On left is the Tribal Minds logo with a man climbing a rock in gray. in the middle, turquoise letters say

Since the pandemic, options for physical movement have become increasingly limited. Further, as our lands were encroached on, our freedom of movement as Indigenous people was increasingly controlled. We recognize the need for spaces that are Native-forward and allow for Indigenous people to be physically well in ways that improve our quality of life. For that reason, we partner with MoonRocks Bouldering Co. to offer Natives a communal space to practice rock climbing.

Come heal, one height at a time.

Starting in 2023, we began hosting pow wow dance classes for Native children - providing a space every Tuesday for healthy self-development and community engagement for our collective wellness.

If you're in the Reno-Sparks area and want to learn pow wow dance, contact us!

The Network is a virtual support group centered on Indigenous thinking but welcome to everyone to attend. We facilitate our support group based on the needs and inputs of participants in the group, and based on the availability of our team. We're not therapists and we don't claim to be. We only claim to be people that care. The Network is to connect, to feel better, through community with one another as fellow people going through our lives.

We meet biweekly. Contact us to join.

Starting in 2020, we have organized and facilitated ceremonies for our relatives in the community. These include virtual memorials and funerals, when families need them most, so that quarantine does not prevent us from the care our loved ones need. Most recently, we hosted a purple dance special honoring the memory of those we lost to COVID-19.

If you would like our assistance in a ceremony, reach out.


We partnered with the School of Public Health at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for a historic first: gathering data on vaccination attitudes and perceptions in Nevada's rural Tribal communities.

We hired regional organizers from Duckwater Shoshone, Duck Valley Shoshone Paiute, and Fort McDermitt Paiute and Shoshone. We worked with them to develop outreach strategies in each community, since they know their own communities best.

We engaged hundreds of Nevada Natives in conversations about wellness and vaccinations across the state.

Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation

(June 2022)

Currently, we are working with Tribal Councils to allow this data to assist our communities in building effective public health initiatives to strengthen sovereignty over our own health.



We are Tribal spiritualists, which means we believe that everyone needs to contribute to the common good.

We strengthen people to be of service, not self-serving and individualistic.

We're committed to helping individuals succeed at finding their wellness through connection back to the land and their responsibility to others.

The Individual

The People

The Ancestors

We come from Tribal communities. Our objective is to benefit our respective Nations, our sovereignty, and our unique cultures, customs, languages, and connections to our ancestors' land. We do our best to honor our heritage, ways of life, and the lives we were born into that we didn't choose. We celebrate all parts of ourselves to do the best possible work. We live and die by our communities.

That's our way.

We recognize that we all come from different people and different lands. We get what we can't get from our living relatives from the ones on the other side. We ask the Spirits to teach us how to live in a good way. We comprehend the complex struggles of those who came before us and to be mindful of our differences. We do not maintain a right way or wrong way philosophy regarding the work or relationships that need to be made.

We are all interdependent.

We believe that the spirits of our ancestors guide us on our paths. We also believe that we will be on the other side directing our descendants one day. We do service now for the now and the after.. With every hopeful step forward, we know that we are changing the paths for the ones who are coming. In our efforts, we practice empathy and compassion the way we imagine our oldest relatives existed during their time.

We look back to look forward.

practical Wellness Programming

services based on needs


In addition, by providing online spaces to detect and combat mental health disparities, we established safer communities and, in turn, stronger families.No one individual is the same, and the needs of each family and community are different. At Tribal Minds, our services are designed and tailored to clients' needs. Therefore, we center our time around the needs of the moment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted our people's financial, spiritual, and physical wellness. We have all lost loved ones, and we’ve watched our collective communities grieve. During the pandemic, we supported each other by hosting virtual funeral services, meditations, prayer gatherings, and coffee groups to maintain the spiritual wellness of our people.


Our master plan is to offer a beautifully diverse panel of skilled service providers.

The Vision

We want our community (and relationships) to be authentic, virtuosic, and occurring in real-time. We desire to see this niche community become one of the most forward-thinking and rewarding spaces for diversity & inclusion. BIPOC, who are interested in being a wellness instructor in our network, please contact us and let's talk.



Keeping distance from things that no longer serve us and maintaining our health has never been more critical. Our organization focuses on providing services to people who need an outlet to release stagnant energies. The time we're in is hard for everyone, and we see the value in healthy communication, strategizing, learning something new, and sharing our recent experiences. So, stay home, set up your own sacred space, and make healing alters for yourself and your family. There's a remarkable power to using your own space for wellness, and we're excited for you to have that experience and be a part of your story.

Socializing safely in these strange times


In this pandemic, we've become somewhat professional in virtual rooms, meetings, Zoom, Google Meet ups, etc. Our strategy is to use our platform for movement and motion rituals and open discussion that can reduce stress and boost our immunities. When we develop new skillsets and diverse practices, it helps maintain our peace and tranquility. Everyone we know is stressed out, the kids, the parents, the pets. So, this is a great time to allow everyone to release, decompress, relax, have a few laughs, and shed some tears. We're broadcasting in real time, with real people—nothing scripted—just beautiful imperfection.

Convenient and suitable for families


The prosperity of color, diverse world perspectives, culture, and identity is what we seek to obtain, especially across Indian Country. We create a sacred space where people from Reservations, Ghettos, and Barrios can witness someone who looks just like them doing something kind, memorable, and authentic. We hold space for historically marginalized people so they can see alternate versions of themselves and grow from the inside out. Of course, you can get the standard American version of spirituality anywhere. But what we're doing here is unlike anything in current practice. The Good Relative Network is forward-thinking and earth-based.

Instructors are intentionally BIPOC


Our goal is to provide new opportunities to impoverished communities who've been institutionally discriminated against and socio-economically disenfranchised from having their wellness. When you donate to Tribal Minds, Inc., it helps us sustain the fight for justice, human and civil rights—and as Indigenous Peoples, our very dignity to exist—and be valued. 100% of your contribution helps us sustain our essential operations and supports other BIPOC organizations and communities. We put our time and resources back into our communities because our hearts are with the People and the Land. We can’t do this without you.

All donations support Indigenous Causes

We love to make new relatives

Let’s Connect

We are excited to be a part of the next evolution of Tribal identity, wellness, community, and prosperity.


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So much of the work is done in the creative space and then made tangible for our communities.

We can’t wait to meet you. Let’s see what we can do together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tribal Minds, Inc. based?

Where do you operate?

We are a statewide Native-led nonprofit that aims to empower Tribal spaces in rural and urban Nevada. Our focus is on remote Indian reservations that often get overlooked and underfunded. We have strong alliances with most Tribes of Nevada, grassroots organizers, and other in-state leaders that work to bring attention to the Tribal needs of the Great Basin. When we support the strengthening of Tribal sovereignty, we all win. If it's in Nevada, it's our business!

Tribal Minds, Inc. originated on the Hungry Valley Indian Reservation, a Tribal Community of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony. Currently, we are based in Reno, Nevada as we serve Tribal communities across the state. We understand Reno to be a center where Tribal people across the Great Basin work, live, find community, and find each other.

What Organizations or Institutions are you willing to work with?

Who do you provide services to?

Tribal Minds is a fiscally-sponsored organization that is excited to work with anyone who wants to see the advancement of the Indigenous People of Nevada. We aim to collaborate with institutions that energetically align with our mission and purpose. We wish to build relationships that are prosperous and healthy and center the People and the Land. So if you have a program or project in mind, let’s make something happen.

At Tribal Minds, no one will be turned away, but we prioritize those in the greatest need first and foremost. The organization aims to ensure our Tribal communities receive opportunities not often afforded to them. As a result, we accrue higher buy-in rates and fulfill a more inclusive vision by diversifying our programming. We place a strong emphasis on uplifting the BIPOC communities of Nevada and all other marginalized individuals. Because we understand that we are all relations: when we help others, we help ourselves!